Spirit Of Praise 8 has released I Know / Your Word, another incredibly thrilling album.

You will treasure the song “I Know/Your Word” very much. Spirit Of Praise 8 set aside time to compose and record this magnificent song, which is the star of their 2023 repertory.

The song opens with the straightforward but impactful line, “I know Your Word.” This establishes the mood for the remainder of the song as the vocalists express their faith in God’s promises. They are aware that life can be challenging and full of obstacles, but they have faith in God’s steadfastness to carry them through.

Traditional Christian song “I Know / Your Word” is a lovely piece of music that exhorts us to believe God’s promises even when we may not fully comprehend what He is doing in our lives. It serves as a reminder that His Word is trustworthy and that we can always count on Him to help us get through even the most trying situations.


VIDEO: Spirit Of Praise 8 – I Know / Your Word Ft. Dube Brothers


LYRICS: I Know / Your Word – Spirit Of Praise 8